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New Service: Wedding Live Streaming

It’s Been A Tough Year For Weddings

Weddings are getting canceled or re-scheduled left and right and the couples that are choosing to keep their original date are having to go through the arduous process of picking and choosing which friends and family members to uninvite. This is a tough year for weddings.

What’s important to consider as well is that we have no idea how long these mandates are going to be in place, and we don’t think that a lot of couples are just going to postpone their nuptials indefinitely.

With that in mind we’ve decided to revisit an old idea and we are now adding live streaming to our list of wedding coverage services. 

It’s Time To Get Creative

Our goal is pretty simple, we just want to help couples have their wedding and have their friends and family attend it regardless of where they are from.

To do this we use a browser-based live streaming platform that allows us to use multiple web-cams and webcam enabled devices to broadcast across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The stream will also be embedded on our website to ensure it’s accessible to everyone. The end result is a professional and polished live-stream, optimized for distribution across social media, and available for anyone to watch.

Not only can your viewers watch but they can also comment and even get pulled into the live-stream (perfect for when grandma wants to wish the couples a happy marriage). There are so many fun possibilities. For example, if you’re working with a projector during your wedding we could also project the live-stream during the reception and have your friends and family call in for speeches.

We Know You Can Find Someone Cheaper

We know that this is something that your cousin can easily do themselves, but we’re equipped and have the techniques and technology to ensure that every angle of your wedding is captured and broadcasted professionally. We won’t forget we’re live-streaming and put the phone in our pocket or take a phone call and accidentally end it during your vows.

Our Offer

We’ve put together a couple of pre-built packages, one covering just the ceremony and one covering literally the entire day (think thanksgiving day parade). You can also build your own coverage package.

And since this is a brand new service offering we’re booking our first 3 weddings at 50% off. That goes for the pre-built packages and the build your own packages.

We know times are strange right now and we want to help you keep your wedding on track.

Talk to you soon!

Dennis & Brittany

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