Couples Maternity Photos in Seaside, Florida

Finding a good place to take some photos in Seaside, Florida isn’t that hard. The quaint town nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and scenic 30a is home to some of the regions most beautiful architecture and flawless beaches. It also happened to be the perfect location for Demi and Willian.
Demi and William were the winners of a Mother’s Day contest we held on Facebook back in 2016. We were so delighted to know she was pregnant with TWINS!
After spending some time getting to know the couple we knew that Seaside was going to be the best place to shoot — it also happens to be one of our favorite places to eat, play, and relax when we have the spare time.
Fast-forward to the shoot: the way her hair and dress was flowing in the wind made our job easy, no fan needed lol. When William was singing to her belly it made us all up in the feelz and seeing her looking down at him smiling made it that much sweeter.
Pregnancy is beautiful, it’s hard work building a baby, or two in this case, but she did it so well and it always pays off in the end.


Central Square

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