Daytime Elopement at Oaks By The Bay

We love weddings, but shooting an elopement is exciting in its own way.

The majority of the time we are contacted by the bride and groom when they are in need of our services, granted, there have been a couple times where a family member or a close friend has reached out to us directly.

Being from the restaurant industry, Dennis and I have met a lot of awesome people. In 2019 I worked at a local hotspot called C-Level, during that time I met a regular guest named Maurice, and in 2020 I went back “full time” with Rivas Images, my heart needed that happy money.

One day Maurice was sitting at the bar at C-Level talking to Sam, the bartender/bar manager, he expressed his need of having trouble finding a photographer for an elopement at Oaks by the Bay for the next day. Sam referred us to him, but the wedding wasn’t for Maurice, the wedding photo coverage was for his two friends: Karriann and Keith.

I had never met Keith or Kerriann and literally knew nothing about them, other than they were getting married hahaha. Normally we know A TON about our brides and grooms before the big day, so this was a little different but nothing I couldn’t handle, it was like a fun challenge.

Keith and Kerriann were both a little shy when they walked up, so I broke the ice per usual. One way to tap into the minds of others is to have them recollect how they met and who fell for who first. Kerriann and Keith met each other at work and Kerriann said Keith fell for her first, she needed some convincing hahaha.

Not even two minutes into it everyone is smiling, reminiscing and giggling as I clicked the shutter button as we made our way down to the Bay. We found a shady spot to begin, it was just the officiant, Maurice, Keith, Kerriann and myself as the witnesses, oh, and two people sitting off to the side on a bench (they were there by chance).

Immediately after the ceremony we jumped right into taking their portraits. I love getting people to just be in the moment and let me capture what happens; so I’ll ask for lots of hand holding, eye contact, sweet nothings being whispered, hugs, booty grabbing and dancing. Kerriann loved the sand, she said it reminded her of her home, so I made sure to incorporate those vibes for her.

November 4th, 2020 was an absolutely phenomenal day to get married under the oaks. Christmas décor was just about to be propped up and lights were being strung throughout the area, it was a vibe in itself. Plus, the breeze was chill and there weren’t a ton of people out and about. The three headed palm tree that used to be there is dearly missed, but the memory of meeting two complete strangers as their wedding photographer and having it go off without a hitch will always be with me ????????.


Oaks By The Bay

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