Proposal at The Panama City Beach City Pier

Christine and Adnan have got it going on! They are both ambitious college students with one of them residing in Atlanta, GA, and damn they can dress!! The Panama City Beach Pier was hands down the best place for these two.

When they came to vacation here in Panama City Beach they discussed having some engagement photos taken for their announcements. They told Brittany they wanted to have the location for the shoot at the pier next to the busy Pier Park, so much energy and lights at night time out there.

Unfortunately traffic held them up, dang summer traffic, so when they arrived we had about 10 or 15 minutes to play with the sunlight before it set into the gulf. The crescent moon was smiling back at us as we continued to shoot into the twilight. How about her ring though…isn’t it just gorgeous!!??


Panama City Beach City Pier

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