Grayton Beach Engagement Photoshoot

This Grayton Beach Engagement Photoshoot went off without a hitch!
Jessica and David made salsa dancing in the sand look easy but we doubt we could have done a better job.

David is from Venezuela and when he moved here he met Jessica, they were friends but they both felt a spark — you know, love at first sight kinda stuff.

Anyway, they were both head over heels for each other, and when I asked them about this in person they were so giddy and they couldn’t stop looking into each other’s eyes. We shot this engagement shoot at Grayton Beach State Park, it’s in our top 5 favorite places to shoot at during sunset.

There are no high rise condos out there, just pristine sand dunes and the best place to dance in the sand when the sun sets into the gulf of Mexico. The boardwalk on the way to the parking lot was a perfect spot to catch the tail end of the sunset while we embarked back to our cars after the session was over.

If nature is ready for a photo and we have people then we will stop to freeze that moment in time.


Grayton Beach State Park

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