PCB Conservation Park LGBT Family Session

Chelsey and Jessica are absolutely hilarious and such a sweet couple and they are NOT afraid  to knock out a big ass bug that comes their way.

We say that because during their session a BIG bug came buzzing all around their faces, Chelsey and Jessica started karate chopping the air and making some fierce faces lol it was so funny and it worked, the bug left us alone after that.

We also dig them because they are adventurous, just like us. We took them out to a secret location (it’s secret to us), it’s a cool spot in the woods and it reminds us of a mini state park without the people and the parking lot/entry fee.

We walked around the sand trails, used the natural foliage in the photos and danced when the sun set. This was their anniversary gift and it was one of our favorites, we love a fall couple’s session in Florida!


Panama City Beach Conservation Park

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