Moonspinner Wedding

Claudia and Dave are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet! They are so dear to us and we are honored and love being a part of their life’s journeys as them embark on them.

We have shot a maternity (soon to be another), a gender reveal and their wedding for them. They had their wedding at the Moonspinner, Dennis was their sole photographer and since we are friends with them they wanted Brittany to attend the wedding as a guest with their duaghter too!

Dennis did a great job capturing their ceremony, the room was backlit by these floor to cealing sheer curtains that were illuminated by the sun and also aligned with string lights for the evening’s romantic atmosphere. It was the perfect lighting situation for an indoor wedding.

After they said ” I do” Brittany couldn’t help herself but to take some photos of the wedding too, so Dennis and Britt traded off throughout the night. That’s the night we got to met Tyler, Annie’s now husband (Annie is Dave’s sister) ad we shot their wedding in April 2020.

The moody tones were fun to play with when it came to their bride and groom portraits. We love these people!



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