Surprise Proposal At The Beach

Megan and Brittany have known each other since high school. They’ve always been really tight with each other, you know, the type of friends that don’t have to speak every day (or very often at all) but when they get together they always pick up right where they left off! So, when Megan asked us to shoot her maternity photos we were instantly delighted! She told us about her S/O Taylor, and how their baby boy is their first baby together!

We love a good surprise and when Taylor told us he was planning on proposing to Megan during the shoot, well, to put it bluntly, Brittany instantly flipped her shit! This was something that we had been waiting for and we finally got the opportunity with one of our good friends and past clients!! Brittany jumped for joy. What made it even better was how Megan was messaging Britt about clothing options, details and the whole time Britt really knew what was going down.

The day before the shoot Taylor met up with Brittany and Dennis St. Andrews State Park around golden hour to get a good idea of what the lighting conditions would be like the following day. Brittany went over the plan as to how he was going to pop the question out of the blue during the shoot, they talked about different locations, etc. Once everything was confirmed, we all parted ways to prepare for the following day.

Fast forward to the shoot, we met Megan and Taylor by the Pier at the State Park and took a few shots over there before moving to the Jetties where Taylor planned on popping the question. Once we arrived Brittany took a few shots and then proceeded to tell him to get down to her belly and just lay his head there. Megan was instructed to close her eyes, inhale the fresh salty air and just relax; be present. Once Taylor was in position and had the ring ready, Brittany instructed Megan to open her eyes. At this moment she looked down to see Taylor holding up a ring, looking up at her asking for her hand in marriage.

OMG it was so freakin’ adorably romantic! Thankfully we were able to capture this moment in time for them, not only in photo form but also through video thanks to Dennis. You see, as far as Megan was concerned Dennis was shooting “footage of Brittany” while the shoot was going down, when in reality he was there for the proposal ????.


St. Andrews State Park

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