Impromptu Golden Hour Session

Our kiddo and I decided to do an impromptu beach day behind our house to play in the sand and chase the birds. You know the feeling of being in the right place at the right time? That’s kinda how this story goes because I was 100% supposed to bump into Brianna and Brandon on the beach.

I was in my element, chilling on the beach, drinking a cold beer and watching our daughter play with her neighborhood friend in the sand (what a plus so they could burn off some energy together lol). I looked to the left of me and I noticed this cute lil’ family packing up to get ready to leave for dinnertime – the Dad was picking up the toys as the little sisters giggled and ran around in the sand, meanwhile, the Mom was folding up towels gathering up the miscellaneous items.

To be real, Brianna and her baby belly was what caught my attention and I felt inclined to document that moment in time for her. It wouldn’t be the first time I approached complete strangers and ask to photograph them, this was my chance, now or never!
I got up, introduced myself and asked if she had any maternity photos taken while she was here visiting, she immediately said no. Straight away I offered to take a few pics on her camera phone; because everyone deserves to savor those sweet memories.

After we filled Brandon in our or idea we got right to business: I told her to sit down in the sand and mirror my body placement, then I told her to do various things like look out to the horizon and feel your baby belly, now look down and smile at that growing baby boy in that belly. I tapped into her emotions and asked what his name would be, they still don’t know and I love that, so we talked about his due date and how she felt in that moment. I knew we didn’t have much time, the sun was setting and the kids were ready for supper so we kept it short and sweet. I thanked her for allowing me to do that for her and she thanked me back. After she took a gander at her photos on her camera phone Brianna added Rivas Images on FB and then asked if I was available to shoot the next day, but this time with my professional gear.


Needless to say, we had an incredible golden hour sunset shoot the following evening, in the same spot we met, seemed fitting.

I love when life be like that, that’s what you call serendipity.



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