Romantic Rustic Wedding at Camp Helen State Park

Marie and Frankie are perfect for each other. They love to hunt together, being outdoors and sports cars which is why having their wedding at Camp Helen State Park was a no brainer for them.

Frankie and Maria got married at the log cabin at Camp Helen State park, it was built in. The ceilings were low in the rooms and the wrap around railing upstairs looking down to the dance floor was quite a nice vantage point. We loved the warm feeling from the orange hue of the lights bouncing off the warm wooden walls.

The actual ceremony took place under a huge oak tree with tapestries on either side of the bridal party. After they became Mr. and Mrs. Cuchen we went down to the water to take some photos of just the two of them, then we also took advantage of her daughter and son watching so we put all of them in a tree. Maria loved that photo so much she bought a 32″x32″ canvas of that image to place above her mantle!

When the party ended they were having a bit of trouble getting the tapestries down from the oak tree, so with a little teamwork and climbing skills they got it down and we made sure to stick around to document it.

Maria and Frankie are down to earth and definitely see the value in tangible memories such as their wedding album and other prints. We love being a part of preserving those precious memories.


Camp Helen State Park

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