LGBTQ Couples Lifestyle Session at St. Andrews State Park

Because of religious traditions here in the south a lot of photographers and wedding professionals refuse to work with lgbtq+ couples, which forces couples to take a more hands on approach with finding the right photographer.

Brittany met Kris in a Facebook Group for Professional Photographers when Kris posting in search of a photographer in the area to trade services with while she was down here on vacation with her wife, Megan.

Brittany was thrilled at the opportunity, mostly due to the lack of professional photos of her and Dennis, and jumped on it.

Both sessions took place at St. Andrews State Park and lasted around 30 to 45 minutes. Hurricane Sally had also just come through the area just a week beforehand which drastically changed the landscape of the jetty area where Britt likes to shoot. This allowed her to get some really cool shots from some spots that would have otherwise been hard to reach.

Everyone loved the shoot and the photos that came back, and at the end of the day we all made new friends.


St. Andrews State Park

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