Parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual and it can be a very unknown territory for some (particularly diaper changing time lol), but it’s so neat when you become a parent and naturally just fill in the “job”, jk it’s the best “job” we have ever had, and realize how rewarding the whole entire process is, helping another human being to grown into a great person for society and the planet.

Dave and Claudia are a great example of two people who love being a Mom and Dad and do it very well. When they first got pregnant we were so stoked for them, and when the time came for their maternity photos we gladly said YES to doing them.

We shot in our neighborhood, steps away from our front door, it was golden hour and we had a splendid time. Now we can’t wait for baby #2 maternity session, IT’S A BOY this time ;).

Woodsy Couples Maternity Shoot


Gulf Highlands