Private Show & Photos in Rosemary Beach

People always ask us where the best place for photos in Rosemary Beach is. Our answer: The Beach Behind The Pearl! Music, family, the beach, and delicious local pizza! What more could you ask for from a photo session?! John called us up one day because he wanted to book a family session for his parents and family and also needed us to film a private acoustic concert in their beach house at Rosemary beach. The only thing he parents knew was they were going to have a photo session at some point during their stay but never didn’t they suspect their son would fly their favorite band from Texas to Rosemary Beach, FL to perform a quaint, private living room concert.

The band was called and they knew the Dormers very well because they often attend the dinner concert series they perform in Texas. The best part of the story was when we (the band, our audio specialist Forrest, Dennis and Brittany) met up in the parking lot to rendezvous to the beach house where the only people who knew about our arrival were John and his wife. We must have looked pretty silly all crouched down, walking through the breezeway of multi million dollar beach homes with half the crew carrying musical instruments, music stands, sheet music and cameras.

When the lead singer knocked on the door and Mr. Dormer opened up the door the whole band instantly began singing: . You can check out the BTS video here, give us some slack though because it was shot on an old iPhone from 2012 lol. After they sang and danced we had some badass pizza, Dennis doesn’t do artichokes and he devoured the one that had a copious amount of artichokes on it. We talked about family values, life and business, it felt like we had known each other for years, though it had only been a few hours.

The very next day we met together again on the beaches of Rosemary Beach, the sun was our best friend as we took photos of them as a family and just the couples. We would do this session over again and again, because who doesn’t love a good surprise or a private concert in your living room?! We do!


Beach Behind The Pearl

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